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What Is It?

The Artists' Bond is a new collective venture of UK based artists looking for a lucky break. It was established in 2011 by the forty members of the Artists' Lottery Syndicate (which ran for one year from 1 July 2010 - 1 July 2011) who, together, chose to reinvest their annual prize money in a new long-term speculative funding scheme.

The Artists' Bond was devised in order to allow the collective spirit of the Artists' Lottery Syndicate to live on long into the future; to bond its members together over the course of their careers.

Just like the Artists' Lottery Syndicate, it also attempts to utilise the element of 'luck', which plays such a central role in an artist's career but, this time, by making a less risky long-term investment in National Savings & Investments 'Premium Bonds', rather than The National Lottery.

Get Involved

From 1 April - 1 July each year, The Artists' Bond will open its doors for up to 40 new artists to join. To qualify you must be a visual artist based in the UK (with a permanent postal address, email address and UK bank / building society account) and be prepared to make an initial investment of £30 (equivalent to that made by each of the founding members in 2011).

Once a member of The Artists' Bond, you are not able to withdraw from the scheme, but instead become eligible for a share of its annual payouts for the rest of your life (an equal share of the total annual prize money, transferred to you by BACs each summer).

Full details of how The Artists' Bond works can be found in the about section of this website. Please read over this information carefully before applying to become a Member (apply online).

You are also invited to monitor the progress of The Artists' Bond throughout the years, by joining our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. The Agent will continue to post details of all prizes won, new members and links to our annual reports.

Press Releases

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